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Dr. Arch's Mutations

Get ready to get cultured in the microbiology lab!

You take the role of a microbiologist who’s just discovered a new strain of bacteria. Culturing it on a color-coded petri dish, your bacteria suddenly begins to mutate, spawning new strains! You race to culture as many new strains as you can, but other microbiologists have the same idea, and in this game they fight dirty. They spike your media with antibiotics, while trying to protect their own! Who will culture the most bacteria and emerge victorious?

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Dr. Arch’s Mutations is an educational game (scary, I know!) designed to teach students the basics of microbiology, at home or in the classroom. Its core gameplay is quick and easy to learn. You start with one color of bacteria you can culture on your Petri Dish, and can get up to four colors (strains) of bacteria with the help of Mutation Cards - but watch out! Antibiotic attack cards and Random Events can change the game in an instant, and it is anyone's game until the very final round! Each of the bacteria cards - 56 in all – also contain a basic fact about microbiology in one of four different categories. Even if you aren’t a science student, the game contains many facts that everybody should know – why do antibiotics work? What is the best disinfectant? – and the gameplay is fast, competitive, and fun, no matter who you are!

Enter the world of microbiology…with Dr. Arch’s Mutations! Have fun and learn in one!