About Us:

Before there was a company, there was a museum.

Dr. Arch Games was first conceived of at the Koshland Science Museum in Washington, D.C., where Dr. Arch was volunteering as a docent in 2011. He thought that, since one of the museum's primary audiences was school groups, that having the exhibit content in card form might be a way for the students to take a bit of the museum home with them - and thus was Dr. Arch Games born.

Our Mission:

We've come a long way since that original idea. Our mission is to develop games that strike the always-tricky balance between learning and playability, and to that end we took our original "portable exhibit" concept and turned it into a playable game and mini-course in microbiology: Dr. Arch's Mutations. (More information on the game can be found on its page). We hope to continue to invent and market games along this line, to further our mission to help kids have fun and learn in one!